52 week project

Week 1 – Time

This is a project I am taking part in with a photography forum I belong to.  Every week we will explore a different theme and take an image that pertains to that week.  Our first week was the theme “time” and here is my interpretation.  This is the little calendar I have pinned to my bulletin board in the office.  I processed it with a vintage feel.

Week 2 – Texture

Went for a walk in the Leo Moll Scuplture Garden in Assiniboine Park on a beautiful winter day.  I saw this clump of dried flowers and thought they fit the theme just perfectly.  I wanted a light and airy feeling to them so I processed them with that feeling in mind and added a slight texture over top to fit the theme even more.

Week 3 – Order/Chaos

I found this subject a difficult one to shoot.  I spent the week trying to come up with an original idea but today my time was up.  I had thought that train tracks represented order in the way that they are perfectly aligned and stretch on as far as the eye can see.  It’s unfortunate that the wooden tracks are covered but the rails still remind me of perfect order.

Week 4 – Home

I had a hard time thinking up something for this weeks assignment.  Of course, home is my family, but to actually get everyone home at the same time and  get a picture taken was an impossible task this week.  Then I started thinking that the one family member that is always around and really does capture “home” is my faithful companion, Zoey.  So, here she is in one of her favourite spots to lay especially on a nice warm sunny day – right by the door to the backyard.

Week 5 – Storyboards

This weekend was wash the sheets day so while the duvet was out and the bed was stripped I thought I would take some pictures of my youngest playing around on the bed in the duvet.  It was a beautiful sunny day and the light coming in through the window was gorgeous.  She had a great time playing peek a boo and cuddling with her stuffy in the warm sun.  I had so many to pick from so this weeks theme fit just great — I had fun putting my favourites into a collage.

Week 6 – Silhouettes

I love silhouette pictures but I don’t often think to do them.  I had a vision in mind of my daughter sitting up on her ledge in the bedroom looking out the window.  This is my entry for the week.

Week 7 – Action

I had a couple of ideas in my head for things I wanted to try for this week’s theme.  I couldn’t decide which one I liked better.  They are both so completely different from each other but I love them both.  I love the look on my daughter’s face as she jumps on her sister’s bed.  Makes me smile…

Week 8 – Age

This is an earring and bracelet set which my Aunt wore as Matron of Honour at my parent’s wedding.  She has passed it on to me to keep.  I love the vintage look to the set.

Week 9 – Beginning and Endings

I chose to interpret the “ending” to a perfect day.  The view from our veranda on our ship during our family vacation last week.  What a way to end the day!

Week 10 – Flowers and Plants

Since the snow is still covering our city and there aren’t any flowers or plants to be found outdoors, I opted to photograph one of the flowers I have in my house.  I loved both the colour and black and white versions so I have 2 shots for this week’s theme.

Week 11 – Shadows

Noticed this shadow cast from the boulevard tree in our front yard.

Week 12 – Change/Growth

Spotted these new flowers growing on the plant in my house.  Same photo – processed 2 different ways.

Week 13 – Accidental Letters

This was a fun theme this week – finding letters hidden in everyday objects.  “Spring” is in the air!

Week 14 – Faith/Beliefs

I couldn’t really pick any one thing so I decided to make a little collage of all the things I believe in. I believe in growing your own food, I believe that I WILL learn how to play my guitar – eventually, I believe in my country, I believe in having a nice glass of wine every now and again, I believe in the power of love, I believe in family, and I believe in a higher power.

Week 15 – Technology

I was stumped on this one – I’m surrounded by technology every day everywhere I look and yet I couldn’t get the creative juices flowing to come up with something I was happy with.  At the last minute, as I was driving home from a photo shoot, I noticed all these towers along the highway.  I was wishing I had my camera with me and then remembered that hey, I did have it.  I pulled over on the nearest dirt road, got out and started shooting.  I’m happy with how this turned out.

Week 16 -Around my house

I’ve decided not to follow along with specific themes each week. From here on out, I will just post an image from my week that I love. I took this a while ago and didn’t share it since it didn’t fit the theme but since I’m doing my own thing now, I’m sharing. It’s always difficult to walk up and down the stairs in my house since they are usually covered in stuffies! Anyone else have the same problem?

Week 17 – in bloom

Spotted this tree last week as we were leaving the pool from swimming lessons. I didn’t have my camera with me so I snapped it with my IPhone and did a little editing to it.   I love spring and the smell of the blooms in the air.

Week 18 – Those little yellow flowers

It’s that time of year again when all us moms get bouquets of those beautiful yellow flowers from our kids.  It makes her soooooo happy to find them and pick them for me. Taken with my IPhone.

Week 19 – Harvest

I took this picture last August just out behind our little community.  The farmer had rolled his crop up in bales and our little daughter went up on top of one to walk the length.  She loved being up so high and thought it was pretty neat.  I am VERY far behind on editing my own family images, so although this picture wasn’t taken recently, I’m including it since I just edited it. :)

Week 20 – Old Barn

Last year I had been on a search to find a barn that I could potentially use for some photo sessions.  A previous client told me about this barn that she walks by every night on her daily walk.  I had to go and check it out.  Here it is.

Week 21 – Assiniboine Park

Went for a drive through Assiniboine Park one afternoon after my daughter’s swimming class.  Loved the backdrop of the stormy skies behind the Pavilion at the park.

Week 22 – Another Old Barn

This one is from last Fall as well.  I was out in Clandeboye doing a family session and spotted this little gem as I was driving home along the highway.  If something catches my eye I usually pull over and snap a shot.  I forgot about this one buried in among the 1000’s of images on my computer.  Came across it a couple of weeks ago and decided to edit it.  I really like playing around with my own images and trying out different techniques.  I like the way this one turned out.

Week 23 – Thistles at the park

Another image I played around with a little – adding a little texture.  It’s amazing how many beautiful little things you can find if you just take the time to look.

Week 24 –  A poppy in my parent’s garden.  The blooms are spent but I still thought it was quite beautiful up close.

Week 25 – Ducks on the Lake

Got a new lens – had to go and try it out in the neighbourhood.  Spotted this sweet little family of ducks out floating on the lake.

and one more….

Week 26 – Red River Ex

We hadn’t been to the Ex in quite a few years.  We went this year and had a great time.  Of course, I had to get the requisite Ferris Wheel picture that every photographer has to take at a fair.  One of the kiddie ferris wheel, and one of the big one.  Each with a different take to processing.

and as the sky got darker, the lights came on…