My girls

I have 3 girls and I am lucky that they allow me to try out new things with them — most of the time.  Here are some images I’ve taken of them over the last few months.  I’m always amazed at what lovely young girls they have become.Here is my oldest — not sure how she got so big, so fast….


 My middle daughter ….

I couldn’t decide if I liked this image in colour or black and white better.  I haven’t used textures on my images yet and when I saw these images I thought they lent themselves to a vintage processing with a little texture thrown in.  I’m looking forward to playing around with this some more. 

And my littlest girl who I can’t believe is going to be 4 years old right away.  I just love having a little person around the house all day — I am going to miss her terribly when Kindergarten starts.  Luckily I have another year for that.

Not to be forgotten is my hairiest littlest girl — Zoey came in to our life 2 years ago and I can’t imagine her not being here.  Is she not too cute!  We all love our little Cockapoo….

And these moments just melt my heart.  Last week when we had a couple of nice days I opened the front door while I was editing some pictures in the office.  Zoey was laying at the front door looking outside at her street, keeping an eye on everything that moves, and Erin went and sat with her for a bit.  Luckily my camera was sitting beside me on the desk and I managed to snap a shot before the moment passed.

My Little Fairy Princess

Hard to believe that Erin is already going to be 4 years old.  Where has the time gone?  She agreed to let me take some photos of her which I wanted to use for her birthday invite.  Usually she is not very co-operative so I sweetened the deal by asking her to dress up like a fairy.  Of course she couldn’t resist.