What to wear

One question I get asked a lot is what should I wear for the session?  Chances are that when you see an image that you are drawn to you will notice that it contains a lot of colour – be it in the background or the wardrobe choices.  I love vibrant pictures so my first suggestion would be to wear colour!  The more colour you wear, the more fun and vibrant your images will tend to be.  This is especially true for photographs including children.

Patterns – are great especially for children.

If it’s a family session, start with a colourful vibrant outfit for your children and then pull from their outfit when choosing the outfits for the grown ups.  Try and pick a child’s outfit with a few different colours so it is easily co-ordinated with your wardrobe.

Some general rules to follow would be to try and avoid clothing with words or logos on them.  You eye tends to go to the words which is not where the focus should be.  Try and avoid obvious trends since you want your image to be classic and timeless and still be in fashion in the years to come.  Socks!  Check that your socks co-ordinate with your outfit.  Don’t wear white socks with dark pants and shoes.  Don’t all dress the same — instead, co-ordinate colours that are complimentary to one another.

Most importantly – dress in what you are comfortable in but don’t be afraid to embellish it a bit and take it to another level.  Add a bright scarf or some colourful jewellery.

Here’s a link to my Pinterest board here.  It has some great inspirations to pull from when choosing your own session wardrobe.

Here are some sample boards for a little inspiration